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In the speed-tracking world that we live with today, your health is your best ally for survival. Just how detrimental your absence would be in your company, or not being able to attend a family occasion just because you’re bed-bound. Risking your health is like risking a life. Who would want to be ill?

Just then, Giant Genie Pharmacy is ready to be your immediate aid. We have been serving the North Carolina state for fruitful years and our name is established in the business. We’ve been offering and distributing excellent service that leaves every customer satisfied, keeping them at our loyalty until today.

Giant Genie Pharmacy offers a variety of services including compounding, medication reviewing, medication compliance packaging, etc. We also provide auto-refills, a wide line of medical equipments, orthopedic braces and vaccinations. You can get personalized treatment like no other, only from your Biggest Leader in Pharmaceutical Care.

Contact Us today and experience your share of quality pharmacy.

Concerned with the kind of pharmaceutical service you get? Want to access a customized plan for you? Giant Genie Pharmacy does generic planning! We help you assess your recent status, converse and plan collaboratively with our physicians, and design the most fitting plan for you.
  • Compounding
  • Auto Refills
  • Personal Medication Reviews
  • Orthopedic Braces
  • Compression Stockings
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